Windows 11 Is Here: 4 Reasons Why We Love It

As we are sure you have seen, Windows 11 was released earlier this week and is available to upgrade to today. Whilst there has been a lot of press coverage and new software releases are often exciting for those tech geeks amongst us, we wanted to give you a rundown of the new features that Windows 11 has to offer and how you can get the most out of the update.

Windows 11 has been carefully designed to place itself in the centre of your daily computing experience. The design and user experience have been simplified to put productivity and creativity at the forefront of everything you do. According to windows, the taskbar, start button, sounds and icons have been used intentionally to put you, the user, in control and bring a sense of calm and ease. So, with that being said, what are our top 4 new features from Windows 11.

1. The New Taskbar

Finding the apps you have open and managing your tasks can be a nightmare. Not with the updated taskbar.

Out with the old, and in with the new. Since Windows 95, we have seen the same taskbar layout – only with updated designs periodically. The typical start button in the corner and each new window spanning left to right has gone, now we are greeted with a centrally aligned taskbar where all of your applications can be seen as icons with each window visible with a quick hover. This new approach to the taskbar adds a much-needed refresh to the otherwise same old user interface at a glance.

2.  The New Start Menu

Finding apps and your frequently used files used to be difficult, before the new, slick, start menu.

Let’s face it, since windows 7 each update has brought more and more clutter to the start menu, by windows 10, there were files, applications, photos, settings and more all shouting for your attention from the moment you opened it up. This complete refresh of the start menu has fixed all of this. The new centrally aligned taskbar allows the start menu to pull everything out of the corner and give applications and files space to breathe. The start menu has a clear search bar, apps and recommended files sections and a clear power button. Gone are the days where you would spend what felt like an eternity searching for an app that was sat right in front of you.

3.  The Settings Window

Once a cluttered mess of icons and options is now a clean and organised drawer full of everything you need.

As an IT MSP, we are always making modifications to users settings, this change is something we love. On the old windows 10 settings window, there was a mash of different icons which acted as headings and contained more subheadings in order to find the setting you wanted to change. This has all changed, a simple navigation bar running down the left-hand side breaks down the settings into easily digestible categories which can be used to quickly find the exact setting you need.

4. Multi-Display Convenience

Do you dock and undock a laptop at work and come home to a mess of windows when using different displays?

If you’re in a hybrid working environment or simply work from a dock, you will know the pains of unplugging your laptop to go home, coming back in and finding all of your windows stacked onto your default display. Windows 11 addresses and fixes this issue, with a clever system that remembers where your windows were before you unplug your laptop or PC, windows 11 will try to restore everything back to how you normally operate.

All in all, we are loving our first experiences with windows 11 and how well it has simplified the user experience. We have found that overall the interface is much easier to use and is wonderfully calm. We haven’t used it for long, however, so we are sure that there will be a more in-depth analysis at some point in the future.

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