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Being a fairly large company we set up a new site where found ourselves using a local one man IT company to help us grow our business, within months we spent thousands on what we were lead to believe to be the right way and more to the point the only way to grow our business and support our 21 field staff. Only when we started having IT issues did we realise we had some concerns, Days would pass even weeks before we would finally get hold of support to then be told its not them. Due to the lack of support we were experiencing a lot of down time within the office and out on the field, time is money and this was costing us thousands in down time.

I took the decision to look for a new IT Support company and I soon found Rawson IT, a local company with an enthusiastic team and amazing after care support portal. We met up for a quick and friendly chat were Craig Davies the MD of Rawson IT offered me the solution to all my problems and Guaranteed to save me money not just in down time but in systems we currently used that we did not require. I can say the man delivered and his team of experts in the back office have been outstanding. No problem too small for them, they treat everything the same. I now have a system I can safely say won’t fail and the support team to ensure its always on track.

Big thanks to Craig and his team for being there.

Mike, Landscaping Contractor